Computer Diagnostics

We carry out professional diagnostics and repairs of all brands and models, diesel and gasoline.

Although automotive manufacturers use modern manufacturing techniques, no one is protected from periodic faults. Even new car owners are confronted with electronic system malfunctions.

So, in order to protect them from major problems, we must pay attention to warnings and, if necessary, perform car diagnostics.

We can test the performance of the car in different ways, so we should divide the diagnostics into an external, electric and separate - engine. Warning dashboard signals cannot be ignored, and when arriving at a car service, it is best to let the car to be inspected thoroughly.

Do you think that your car has some kind of electric issues? Something is not working right as it should? Check your car with us and see what could be wrong. We can do the following:

  • Coding and programming of all control units.
  • Engine and immobiliser alignemnt.
  • Trial substitution of control units.
  • Setting of car/key memory options
  • Clearing adaption values
  • Adjustment of engine control units
  • Full component activation
  • Fitting of BMW accessories
  • Real-time reading of all dynamic data
  • Reading and resetting of fault codes
  • Correction based services (CBS)
  • Quick test / Quick clear

After all, computerized diagnostics of a vehicle with special components connects to electronic control units. Then you can see exactly how the electronic control system works. You do not have to be convinced that one-time computer diagnostics will eliminate all car crashes.

A diagnostic device detects a possible malfunction. Further action is needed to address the causes of the failure. This process takes due to the need to accurately identify the root cause of the malfunction, to remove it, and to perform a diagnosis again in order to identify the other failures that occurred during the repair. Correct and proper repair work will prevent them from occurring.

It is obvious that car diagnostic services should be used periodically. Even when it seems that all systems work flawlessly. It is easy to avoid unnecessary faults. Good care and expert counseling provide great benefits. We check our health periodically, and do not forget to take care of our vehicle. A professional service will do this perfectly.

Long-term work experience and up-to-date equipment guarantee the highest quality of service!