Turbo Actuator Fixes!

Electronic Turbo actuators are currently the most accurate type of Turbocharger boost control and as they are controlled by the engines ecu, it means that adjustments can be made is tiny increments at any given Turbo boost pressure, in any given situation. The use of the Electronic Turbo actuator means improved Turbo spool up times and increased efficiency resulting in more power and better fuel economy.

By introducing another electronic control component into already a highly sophisticated system, there are bound to be downsides. In this case, it is faulty Turbo Electronic actuators.

Our Turbo Electronic Actuator testing service involves us running your Turbochargers actuator on or test bed to ensure the actuator works efficiently without error and that it can reach its full working parameters. All units are delicately cleaned internally to ensure all electrical components are free of dirt which can affect the units ability to process information received and also to ensure all moving components are damage free..

We can recondition many Turbo electronic actuators to "as new" condition overcoming 90% of possible faults. If we cannot repair your unit, we dont charge! We can reconditon Garrett electronic actuators including replacement motor and gear, replacement actuator worm gear and also circuit board repairs.

We also are increasing our range of exchange Turbo electronic actuators which are on the shelf ready to go on an exchange basis. This will greatly reduce the timescales of Turbo repairs and can get you back on the road in under 24 hours! Please enquire for availability and terms.