Welcome to S&M Auto Care!

Professional Care

S&M Auto Care provides professional care and handling of your car. We will make sure that all work has been done correctly, in a reasonable amount of time and also that you will not regret to come back again.

Reliable Service

All our services are guaranteed and made sure that we would never let our customers down.

Reasonable To Choose

S&M Auto Care provides huge selection of services that we can offer to you. Also our prices will not make your wallet thinner. Call us now and we will answer all your questions!

Having serious trouble with your car? Can't find reasonable and reliable mechanics around?

Not to worry! S&M Auto Care is here.

Although we would love to give you a price list on servicing it is impossible due to the fact that the parts for different makes and models vary in price so please phone us for a quote on 0892022890 and 0851395493 or drop in to S&M Aurocare Garage to chat to us, But be assured, we will always ring if we come across extra work that is needed and will never carry it out without your prior consent. Thank-You.

You are in full control of what work is and isn’t carried out so no surprise bills for any work you have not been quoted for or given specific consent to carry out.

We will fix any brand of a car. Give us a call!